Ready to get rid of your rubbish?

Call Number One Garbage Removals today and we will come to quickly remove all the unwanted rubbish from around your home, business or industrial property. We will send a truck to hand-load all the garbage, recycle what we can and clear away the headache and the mess!

Here's what we can remove for you:                                                                                               

HOMERubbish Removal Sydney

•    Furniture and Bedding              
•    Old Carpet, Blinds, Doors, Broken Windows
•    Kitchen Crockery, Home wares
•    White goods, Appliances, Fridges
•    TV's, Stereos, Computers, Electrical goods
•    Old Clothes, Linen, Curtains, Magazines, Newspapers...
•    Investment Property & After Party Clean ups

 YARDGarbage Removal Sydney

•    Bricks, Pavers, Tiles, Concrete
•    Timber, Scrap Metal
•    Grass Clippings, Weeds, Trees, Green Waste
•    Sand, Soil, Rocks
•    Old play equipment
•    Old house fixtures - Shelves, Toilets, Vanities
•    Decking, Guttering

 OFFICEJunk Removal Sydney

•    Furniture, Chairs
•    Strip outs, Petitions
•    Computers, Printers
•    Waste Material
•    Warehouse rubbish- boxes
•    Packaging
•    Cardboard, Paper, Recyclables

WORKSITETrash Removal Sydney

•    Cement, Bricks, Tiles, Concrete
•    Timber, Gyprock, Plasterboard
•    Steel, Scrap Metal, Pipes
•    Fixtures and Fittings
•    Windows, Glass
•    Sand, Dirt, Soil
•    Waste Oil